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Rubicon Drinks Ltd (formerly Rubicon Products Ltd) is a soft drink manufacturer based in Milton Keynes, UK. The company specialises in exotic soft drinks, and produces a variety of different flavours of drink, many of which contain sugar or artificial sweeteners, and which come in both still and sparkling varieties. In the United Kingdom, their drinks are bottled and distributed by A.G. Barr plc.


Rubicon office in Ontario

Founded in 1982 by two employees of the Coca-Cola company Naresh Nagrecha and Vish Vekaria, they began to create drinks in the kitchen of one of the founders. The first product, a sparkling passion fruit combination, was named Passionade. Today the range is available in still or sparkling form, via either cartons or plastic or glass bottles and Aluminium cans.


Rubicon in 2010 won M award for the favourite Swedish drink of the year.

In 2007, Rubicon was the sponsor of the Urban Music Awards.[1] Rubicon has also covered Sky Sports' coverage of the ICC Cricket World Cup and World Twenty20 Championship,[2] with the catchphrase "Time for a Rubicon break" often heard before adverts.


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