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Rubus fruticosus L. is the ambiguous name of a European blackberry species in the genus Rubus in the rose family. The name has been interpreted in several ways:

  • The species represented by the type specimen of Rubus fruticosus L., which is also the type specimen of the genus Rubus.[1] This specimen is considered to match the species R. plicatus, in Rubus subgenus Rubus, section Rubus.[2][3]
  • Various species consistent with Linnaeus' original description of the species, which was based on a mixture of specimens now considered to match Rubus ulmifolius and R. plicatus
  • a species aggregate (group of similar species) Rubus fruticosus agg. that includes most of a group called either Rubus subgenus Rubus[3] or Rubus section Rubus:[4]
    • in a narrow sense, sometimes separated as the section Glandulosus, with about 289 microspecies.[3] In this sense the species aggregate does not include the type of the genus Rubus, which is a hybrid.
    • in a broad sense including subgenus Rubus sections Glandulosus, Rubus (about 20 microspecies), and Corylifolii (about 24 microspecies).[3] Section Rubus are probably hybrids involving members of section Glandulosus with either R. idaeus or R. allegheniensis.[3] Section Corylifolii are probably hybrids involving members of section Glandulosus with R. caesius.[3]
    • even more broadly as a nomen ambiguum including all the taxa in the subgenus (or section) Rubus[5]

As used by various authors[edit]

Apart from the established meaning of Rubus fruticosus L. as R. plicatus, the name R. fruticosus has been incorrectly applied to several species, including:[6]


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