Ruby (ship)

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Name: Ruby
Fate: Wrecked on December 16, 1758
General characteristics
Tonnage: 380 tons
Armament: 6 cannons

The Ruby was a ship used to deport Acadians from Ile St Jean (Prince Edward Island) to France, as part of the Ile Saint-Jean Campaign during the Seven Years' War. The ship hit the rocks on Pico Island (Azores) and sank on December 16, 1758, with the loss of 193 lives.

The Ruby was a ship of 380 tons and 6 cannons, under command of captain William Kelly.

Together with the Duke William, John, Samuel, Neptune, Violet, Yarmouth and an other unknown ship, the Ruby was part of a fleet that left on November 25 from Port-la-Joye for France. On board the Violet were some 310 Acadian civilians and a crew of 26.

A few days later, the fleet encountered a storm which dispersed the ships. Stormy weather continued for several weeks. On December 12, the Violet sank with all hands lost, and the next day the Duke William also went down.

The Ruby reached the Azores, but hit the rocks and sank on December 16. At that point, 77 passengers had already died of disease. 113 died in the shipwreck, together with 3 crew members. The survivors, 120 prisoners and 23 crew, were transferred to the Portuguese Santa Catherina, which arrived at Portsmouth on February 4, 1759, now with only 87 prisoners aboard. They were shipped to Le Havre on February 10. The fate of the other prisoners and the crew is unknown.