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Ruby Application Archive is a repository of applications for Ruby programming language development. As of June 2005, it had four categories:

  • Application: of more than 400 project Tools for development and network middleware, including web frameworks, games, etc.,.

many utilities (including math and arithmetic routines), and linguistic tools.

  • Documentation: more than 20 projects

Documents for Ruby programming and other stuff. Many of them are provided in Ruby Document format.

  • Library: more than 700 projects

Libraries for Ruby. The Graphics, WWW, Win32, and Text subcategories are the largest ones.

  • Ports: nearly 10 projects

Ruby development environment ported to other operating systems. Now Win32, Mac OS X, cygwin, and so on, are available.


The Ruby Application Archive was retired on August 4, 2013 due to lack of resources for hosting.[1] It is recommended to use RubyGems instead.

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