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Ruby Hall Clinic
Ruby Hall Clinic is located in Maharashtra
Ruby Hall Clinic
Ruby Hall Clinic, Pune, Maharashtra
Location Pune, Maharashtra, India
Coordinates 18°32′00″N 73°52′38″E / 18.5334°N 73.8772°E / 18.5334; 73.8772Coordinates: 18°32′00″N 73°52′38″E / 18.5334°N 73.8772°E / 18.5334; 73.8772
Founded 1959
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Ruby Hall Clinic is a prominent hospital in Pune, India. It is a 550-bed hospital facility with a staff of 150 consultants, 500 panel doctors and 1400 paramedical staff[1] and was accredited by National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers (NABH) in November 2009.[2]


Ruby Hall Clinic was established in 1959 by Dr. K B Grant. In 1966, Ruby Hall Clinic was converted from a private institution owned by Dr. Grant to a public charitable trust, Poona Medical Foundation. It was later converted to the Grant Medical Foundation in 2000, of which Dr. Grant was the chairman and managing trustee.

The Clinic in collaboration with Kalyani Group announced to launch a special Institute for Research for Prostate Cancer.[3]

Ruby Hall has been awarded a Best Healthcare Brand 2016 by the ET.

The CEO of Ruby Hall has been awarded among the top 25 Living Legends of Healthcare in India.


Ruby Hall Clinic has state of the art facilities in cardiology, cardiac surgery, neurology, nuclear science center, diagnostic center, intensive care units, a blood bank and cancer unit.In 1999, the Hospital ranked first in India for having the most number of ICU beds i.e. 76, leaving behind other renowned hospitals like Bombay Hospital, Jaslok Hospital, Hinduja Hospital, etc.[4] The number of ICU beds available now has increased to 130.[1]


Despite being a leading hospital in Pune, Ruby Hall Clinic has received many complaints[5] and has had several accusations of medical negligance. Aman Galande, a 19 year old who was admitted for pneumonia died in Ruby Hall Clinic's ICU in Aug 2013 due to alleged negligence in treating him. Following this incident, an angry mob vandalized the hospital.[6] Tanishk Tayade a 3 year old died in pediatric ICU. His family filed a criminal case of medical negligence[7] against Dr Vijay Ramanan, who was treating Tanishk. Dr. Lamkhede who was admitted in ICU for rapidly deteriorated health following his first chemotherapy round administered in Ruyb Hall Clinic, died of cardiac arrest caused by endotracheal suctioning. His family too, accuse the staff for his mistreatment on multiple occasions and his death on June 28, 2014.[8]


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