Rūdaki (crater)

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Rudaki CW0131770591G web.png
Rudaki and the volcanic plains adjacent
Planet Mercury
Coordinates 4°00′S 51°06′W / 4.0°S 51.1°W / -4.0; -51.1Coordinates: 4°00′S 51°06′W / 4.0°S 51.1°W / -4.0; -51.1
Diameter 120 km
Eponym Rudaki

Rūdaki is a crater on Mercury. On the floor of Rudaki and also in a broad region surrounding it to the west are smooth plains, which are far less cratered than the neighboring terrain (except for the small secondary craters from the large, fresh crater to the west of Rudaki). Detailed studies of Mariner 10 images led to the conclusion that these plains near Rudaki were formed by volcanic flows on the surface of Mercury.[1]


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