Rudawa (river)

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Rudawa River and the surrounding landscape
Rudawa River and the surrounding landscape.
Country Poland
River mouth Vistula
River system Będkówka, Kobylanka, Kluczwoda, Wierzchówka, Potok Olszanicki
Basin size 318.3 km2 (122.9 sq mi)
Physical characteristics
Length 35.4 km (22.0 mi)

Rudawa is a small river in Lesser Poland Voivodeship, Poland; a tributary of the Vistula river. Rudawa joins Vistula in Kraków near the district of Zwierzyniec. Through the city, the flow of the river is controlled by artificial embankments. Rudawa is also one of the sources of drinking water in Kraków with the water intake located in Mydlniki.[1]

Every year, at the mouth of Rudawa River, there's a spring festival organized during Easter holidays. The river flows through picturesque landscape featuring some of the more interesting geological and geomorphological Jurassic park areas, including Tenczyński Scenic Park, 11 km West of Kraków.

General information[edit]

  • Length: 35.4 km
  • Watershed area: 318.3 km²
  • Main settlements: Krzeszowice, Rudawa, Zabierzów, Kraków.
  • Larger tributaries: Będkówka, Kobylanka, Kluczwoda, Wierzchówka, Potok Olszanicki.

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Coordinates: 50°03′06″N 19°54′58″E / 50.0517°N 19.9162°E / 50.0517; 19.9162