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For persons named Ruddy, see Ruddy (surname).

Ruddy (also called florid) is a reddish-rosy crimson colour, closer to red than to rose.

A brownish shade of ruddy called ruddy brown is often referred to simply as ruddy when referring to animals.

A pinkish tone of ruddy called ruddy pink is often referred to simply as ruddy when describing the colour of the cheeks of some paler-skinned persons.

The first recorded use of ruddy as a colour name in English was in 1000.[1]

Ruddy in nature[edit]

Various birds coloured various shades of ruddy brown are described as ruddy:

Ruddy in human culture[edit]

English Language


  • Some people are described as having ruddy cheeks (meaning that they have ruddy pink coloured cheeks) and this is usually taken as a sign of good health.

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