Rude Awakening (Megadeth album)

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Rude Awakening
Rude Awakening by Megadeth 2002.jpg
Live album by Megadeth
Released March 19, 2002 (CD)
April 9, 2002 (DVD)
Recorded November 2001
Genre Heavy metal, hard rock, thrash metal
Length 2:02:42 (CD)
107:00 (DVD)
Label Sanctuary
Producer Bill Kennedy, Dave Mustaine, Arthur Gorson (DVD)
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Rude Awakening
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Rude Awakening
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Rude Awakening is the first live album by American heavy metal band Megadeth. The album was released by Sanctuary Records in 2002, and is the last release before the band broke up in 2002. It was released in both CD and DVD formats.

The album was originally going to be recorded live at a concert in Argentina, but due to the September 11, 2001 attacks, the band decided to record it live in the United States.

Tracks on the album are taken from two live concerts, performed two nights in a row in November 2001. The first night was at the Rialto Theater in Tucson, Arizona, followed the next day by an almost identical performance (To ensure clean audio and video footage, and for a variety of editing options), at the Web Theater in Phoenix, Arizona. Dave Mustaine dedicated the performance of "À Tout le Monde" to the victims of the September 11th attacks and mentions this before performing it, this is on the bonus feature of DVD, but not on the CD is it Two previously unreleased tracks from the concert, "The Conjuring" and "Time: The Beginning"/"Use the Man" were released on Still Alive... and Well? (which also features "In My Darkest Hour", "Sweating Bullets", "Symphony of Destruction" and "Holy Wars"). "Silent Scorn" can be heard as a tape outro for the band during "Holy Wars".

The tracks on the DVD are all from the second show at the Web Theater in Phoenix, Arizona on November 17, 2001. For the bonus features of the DVD they used recordings from the show in Tucson, Arizona,

This is the only Megadeth album which does not include the band logo or title on the immediate cover. It is located on the side bar of the album instead. The album's cover was designed by graphic designer Storm Thorgerson (noted for his work with Pink Floyd)[1] and Peter Curzon.

This was the end of this line-up of the band. Al Pitrelli, Jimmy DeGrasso played their final show. Dave Ellefson left the band because he wasn't satisfied with his share of the bands earnings. In 2010 he returned in the band.


Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
AllMusic 3/5 stars [2]
Q 3/5 stars [3]
The Rolling Stone Album Guide 3/5 stars [4]
Sputnikmusic (4/5) [5]

Brian O'Neill of AllMusic rated Rude Awakening a 3 out of 5, opining that, while he believes the album is "fraught with" limitations, it is "a far better encapsulation of the band's career to date than the spotty Capitol Punishment: The Megadeth Years compilation."

The album won a 2002 Metal Edge Readers' Choice Award for Compilation/Live Album of the Year. Since it was generally believed to be Megadeth's swan song at the time (until their reformation in 2004), the magazine stated, "Megadeth's farewell gets the recognition it deserves." [6]

Track listing[edit]


Disc 1
No. Title Lyrics Music Length
1. "Dread and the Fugitive Mind" Dave Mustaine Mustaine 4:12
2. "Kill the King" Mustaine Mustaine 3:51
3. "Wake Up Dead" Mustaine Mustaine 3:26
4. "In My Darkest Hour" Mustaine, Dave Ellefson Mustaine 5:28
5. "Angry Again" Mustaine Mustaine 3:22
6. "She-Wolf" Mustaine Mustaine 8:17
7. "Reckoning Day" Mustaine, Ellefson Mustaine, Marty Friedman 4:24
8. "Devil's Island" Mustaine Mustaine 5:06
9. "Train of Consequences" Mustaine Mustaine 4:30
10. "À Tout le Monde" Mustaine Mustaine 4:49
11. "Burning Bridges" Mustaine Mustaine 4:56
12. "Hangar 18" Mustaine Mustaine 4:45
13. "Return to Hangar" Mustaine Mustaine 3:54
14. "Hook in Mouth" Mustaine Mustaine, Ellefson 4:40
Disc 2
No. Title Lyrics Music Length
1. "Almost Honest" Mustaine Mustaine, Friedman 3:57
2. "1000 Times Goodbye" Mustaine Mustaine 6:14
3. "Mechanix" Mustaine Mustaine 4:36
4. "Tornado of Souls" Mustaine, Ellefson Mustaine 5:47
5. "Ashes in Your Mouth" Mustaine Mustaine, Friedman, Ellefson, Nick Menza 6:04
6. "Sweating Bullets" Mustaine Mustaine 4:38
7. "Trust" Mustaine Mustaine, Friedman 6:46
8. "Symphony of Destruction" Mustaine Mustaine 4:50
9. "Peace Sells" Mustaine Mustaine 5:22
10. "Holy Wars" Mustaine Mustaine 8:51


  1. Dread and the Fugitive Mind
  2. Kill The King
  3. Wake Up Dead
  4. In My Darkest Hour
  5. She-Wolf
  6. Reckoning Day
  7. Devil's Island
  8. Burning Bridges
  9. Hangar 18
  10. Return to Hangar
  11. Hook in Mouth
  12. 1000 Times Goodbye
  13. Mechanix
  14. Tornado of Souls
  15. Ashes in Your Mouth
  16. Sweating Bullets
  17. Trust
  18. Symphony of Destruction
  19. Peace Sells
  20. Holy Wars
  21. Silent Scorn (tape)

DVD bonus features[edit]

  1. Kill the King
  2. Angry Again
  3. Almost Honest
  4. Train of Consequences
  5. À Tout le Monde


Credits adapted from CD liner notes[7] Megadeth



Year Chart Peak
2002 Billboard 200 115[8]
France 93[9]


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