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Rudziensk / Rudensk
Рудзенск / Руденск
Railway station
Railway station
Flag of Rudziensk / Rudensk  Рудзенск / Руденск

Rudziensk / Rudensk  Рудзенск / Руденск is located in Belarus
Rudziensk / Rudensk  Рудзенск / Руденск
Rudziensk / Rudensk
Рудзенск / Руденск
Location of Rudensk
Coordinates: 53°35′00″N 27°51′00″E / 53.58333°N 27.85000°E / 53.58333; 27.85000
Minsk Voblast
 Pukhavichy Raion
Founded ?
Population (2010)
 • Total 2,800
Time zone EET (UTC+2)
 • Summer (DST) EEST (UTC+3)
License plate 5

Rudensk (Belarusian: Рудзенск, Rudziensk - Russian: Руденск, Polish: Rudzieńsk) is a municipality and town in Belarus, located in the Minsk Region. It is part of the Pukhavichy Raion and its population, as of 2010, was of 2,800[1]


Rudensk received the status of "urban-type settlement" (Городской посёлок) in 1938.


Rudensk is located in south-eastern suburb of Minsk and is circa 50 km far from it, and 20 from Maryina Horka. Its nearest urban-type settlements are Svislach and Pravdinsky. Rudensk counts a railway station on the Minsk-Babruysk-Gomel line.


Local football club is the FC Rudensk, that in 2010 joined the Belarusian First League. Though the team officially represents the town, its home ground is located in Maryina Horka, the seat and main town of Pukhavichy Raion.


Near Rudensk located the Minsk TEC-5 coal powered generating station. Originally the plant was built as the Minsk Nuclear Heat- and Power Plant, consisting of two VVER-1000 reactors. After the disaster at Chernobyl, the plans were cancelled.



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Coordinates: 53°35′00″N 27°51′00″E / 53.58333°N 27.85000°E / 53.58333; 27.85000