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Rudi London (born Njål Helle on July 7, 1949 in Nedstrand, Norway) is an American singer, musician and writer. His first single, "You Can Take No Money Into Heaven" was released by Talent Records, Oslo, Norway, for release in Europe, December 1978, followed up with his first album release of 1979, the song "Nottingham Forest Is My Rock & Roll" was featured on BBC Sunday Night Sports and BBC News.[citation needed]


  • Njaal Helle Talent Records Album TLS 4017 Copyright 1979
  • Norske Rockere (Njaal Helle with Jahn Teigen, etc..) Trønder Selskapet Homes/Nidaros Studio Album 1986
  • We Are The Champions (20 Football Fantasies) (Njaal Helle) Summit Records Album SUMCD4076 1991
  • You Reds (Njaal Helle with Paper Lace) Cherry Red Records Album CDGAFFER8 1996
  • Fulle Mugger - Norwegian Rock 1970s/1980s/1990s (Njaal Helle with Kristin Berglund) Godt Norsk Records Album 11804-2 2000
  • Det Beste - (The Best From The '70s) (Njaal Helle with Inger Lise Rypdal) Flexi Records FLX 123 2006
  • The Early Years (Rudi London) Talent Records Album TWEB4017 2010



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