Rudolf Franz Lehnert

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Rudolf Franz Lehnert
Rudolf Lehnert.jpg
Born July 13, 1878 (1878-07-13)
Velká Úpa, Bohemia
Died January 16, 1948 (1948-01-17) (aged 69)
Redeyef, French protectorate of Tunisia

Rudolf Franz Lehnert (13 July 1878 – 16 January 1948) was a photographer.


Lehnert was born in Gross Aupa (now Velká Úpa), then in Bohemia and now in the Czech Republic. With Ernst Heinrich Landrock, he based a photographic company in, successively, Tunis, Munich, Leipzig and Cairo, publishing the works as by "Lehnert & Landrock".

From the 1860s onwards photographs of people with different cultural values and sexual morality became popular for artistic and erotic reasons. These nude images often say more about the fantasies and culture of the photographers than about the portrayed cultures. According to Pascal Baetens they border on racism and ethnocentrism.[1]

Lehnert spent the last part of his life at Redeyef, Gafza Oasis, Tunisia, where he died.



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