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Rudrani is the shakti and consort of Rudra (Shiva). She later came to be identified as a manifestation of Durga. Rudrani is the divine will and power related to Lord Shiva (Rudra). She is also a Matrika known as Maheshwari.

In accordance with traditions, a Devi will gain an epithet from her consorts name. Saraswati, the consort of Brahma, has the epithets Brahmani/Brahmi. Lakshmi, the consort of Vishnu/Narayana, has the epithets Vaishnavi/Narayani.

Similarly, Parvati, the consort of Rudra/Shiva, has the epithets Rudrani/Shivani.

Although all the female versions of all male deity's names are epithets for Devi, these specific epithets such as Brahmani, Narayani, Rudrani, etc are included in another separate group of Devis, the Matrikas. They also possess the traditional symbols associated with their consorts. Rudrani possesses a trident, damru, crescent moon, snake etc which are usually attributed to Shiva.

Parvati is a mild manifestation of Devi, and the name Rudrani (from its root Rudra, roughly meaning ferocious/angry) denotes a more ferocious disposition. Hence, it makes more sense to associate the epithet Rudrani with a form of Parvati which is well-known to be ferocious, Kali.

Outside the Matrikas pantheon, Rudrani barely has an independent worship and dedicated temples, apart from the usual mention during rituals.