Rudrasimha III

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Rudrasimha III
Bhadramukhas ruler Rudrasimha III Circa 385-415 CE.jpg
Coin of Bhadramukhas ruler Rudrasimha III, circa 385-415 CE.
Western Satrap
Reign c. 388 – c. 395 AD
Predecessor Rudrasena IV[citation needed]
Successor None

Rudrasimha III was the last ruler of the Western Satraps in India, in the 4th century.[citation needed]

In Natya-darpana[edit]

A fragment from the play Natya-darpana mentions that the Gupta king Ramagupta, the elder brother of Chandragupta II, decided to expand his kingdom by attacking the Western Satraps in Gujarat. The campaign soon took a turn for the worse and the Gupta army was trapped. The Saka king, Rudrasimha III, demanded that Ramagupta hand over his wife Dhruvadevi in exchange for peace. To avoid the ignominy the Guptas decide to send Madhavasena, a courtesan and a beloved of Chandragupta, disguised as the queen. However, Chandragupta changes the plan and himself goes to the Saka King disguised as the queen. He then kills Rudrasimha and later his own brother, Ramagupta. Dhruvadevi is then married to Chandragupta.[citation needed]

The Western Satraps were ultimately conquered by emperor Chandragupta II. This event completely ended the rule of the Sakas on the Indian subcontinent.[citation needed]


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Preceded by
Rudrasena IV
Western Satrap
Succeeded by
Gupta Emperor Chandragupta II