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Rudy or Rudi is a masculine given name, sometimes short for Rudolf, Rudolph, Rudra or variations thereof, a nickname and a surname which may refer to:


Given name or nickname[edit]

  • Rudolf Rudy Andeweg (born 1952), Dutch political scientist
  • Rudolf Rudi Assauer (1944–2019), German football manager and player
  • Rudolf Rudy Ballieux (1930–2020), Dutch immunologist
  • Rudi Carrell (1934–2006), Dutch television entertainer
  • Rudy Cerami (born 1988), American football player
  • Rudy D'Amico (born 1940), American National Basketball Association scout, and former college and professional basketball coach
  • Rudy Demotte (born 1963), Belgian politician
  • Rudi Dil, birth name of Ruud Gullit (born 1962), Dutch retired football manager and player
  • Rudi Dolezal (born 1958), Austrian film director and film producer
  • Rüdiger Rudi Dornbusch (1942–2002), German economist
  • Alfred Willi Rudolf Rudi Dutschke (1940–1979), the most prominent spokesperson of the 1960s German student movement
  • Rudy Florio (born 1950), Canadian football player
  • Jonathan Rudy Ford (born 1994), American football player
  • Val Rudy Galindo (born 1969), American retired figure skater
  • Rudi Garcia (born 1964), French football manager and former player
  • Rudy Gay (born 1986), American basketball player
  • Rudolf Rudi Gernreich (1922–1985), Austrian-born American fashion designer
  • Rudolph Rudy Giuliani (born 1944) former US Associate Attorney General and former Mayor of New York City
  • Rudy Gobert (born 1992), French basketball player
  • Rudy Haddad (born 1985), French-Israeli football player
  • Rudy Horn (1933–2018), German juggler
  • Rudy Kennedy (1927–2008), British rocket scientist and Holocaust survivor and activist
  • Rudolph Rudy LaRusso (1937–2004), American basketball player
  • Rudy Linka (born 1960), Czech-American jazz guitarist
  • Rudy Pankow (born 1998), American actor
  • Daniel "Rudy" Ruettiger (born 1948), American football player, motivational speaker, and inspiration for Rudy (film)
  • Rudy Rupak, Canadian serial entrepreneur
  • Rudolph Rudy Sikich (1921–1998), American National Football League player
  • Rudolf Rudi Skácel (born 1979), Czech footballer
  • Rudy Trouvé (born 1967), Belgian musician
  • Hubert Rudy Vallée (1901–1986), American singer, actor and bandleader, one of the first modern pop stars
  • Rudolf Rudi Vis (1941–2010), Dutch-born British politician and Member of Parliament
  • Rudolf Rudi Völler (born 1960), German retired football manager and player
  • Rudolf Vrba (1924–2006), Slovak-Jewish biochemist, Auschwitz concentration camp escapee who co-wrote a report of the mass murders being committed there
  • Rudi Widodo (born 1983), Indonesian footballer
  • Rudolph Rudy Wiedoeft (1893–1940), American saxophonist
  • Preston Rudolph Rudy York (1913–1970), American Major League Baseball player
  • Rudi Ying (born 1998), Chinese ice hockey player
  • Albert Rudolph (1928–1973), American entrepreneur and Hindu spiritual teacher

Alias or stage name[edit]

  • Rudy (footballer), Angolan footballer born Carlos Wilson Cachicote da Rocha (born 1989)
  • Rudi Carrell, Dutch entertainer born Rudolf Wijbrand Kesselaar (1934–2006)
  • Rudy de Mérode, real name Frédéric Martin (1905–?), French collaborator in the Second World War
  • Rudy Grayzell, stage name of American rockabilly musician Rudolph Paiz Jimenez (1933–2019)


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