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Rue Monnot (Arabic: شارع مونو‎), is a street in Beirut, Lebanon. It is located east of Beirut Central District, in the Sodeco neighborhood of the Achrafieh district, and named after Father Ambroise Monnot, a French Jesuit who founded the Saint Joseph University in 1875.[1]

Rue Monnot is a one-way cobblestone street that runs on a south–north axis, starting at Avenue de l'Independence and ending at Rue Charles Debbas. Attractions include a multitude of restaurants, shops, bars, and nightlife venues, and the street is alive with music every single night of the week.[2][3] In 2004, Travel + Leisure named Rue Monnot as the best in the Middle East due to the dozens of bars and moody nightclubs lining both its sides.[4] However it has today lost its post-Civil War prominence as the center of Beirut's Western-themed nightlife due to competition from other areas, such as Mar Mikhaël, Gemmayzeh, Hamra Street, Uruguay Street, and Badaro.[5]


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