Rue Royale, Paris

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Rue Royale, Paris
Rue royale jms.jpg
Rue Royale from the Place de la Madeleine to the Place de la Concorde
Rue Royale, Paris is located in Paris
Rue Royale, Paris
Shown within Paris
Length282 m (925 ft)
Width22.8 m (75 ft) between place de la Concorde and rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré; 43 m elsewhere
Coordinates48°52′5″N 2°19′23″E / 48.86806°N 2.32306°E / 48.86806; 2.32306Coordinates: 48°52′5″N 2°19′23″E / 48.86806°N 2.32306°E / 48.86806; 2.32306
Fromplace de la Concorde
Toplace de la Madeleine
CompletionApril 22, 1732
DenominationMarch 11, 1768

The rue Royale (French pronunciation: ​[ʁy ʁwajal]) is a short street in Paris, France running between the place de la Concorde and the place de la Madeleine (site of the Church of the Madeleine). The rue Royale is in the city's 8th arrondissement.

Among the well-known addresses on this street is that of Maxim's restaurant, at number 3.

On 12 August 1843, the Rue Royale was the scene for a bizarre phenomenon, when tens of thousands of butterflies landed, causing chaos and swarming the shops and restaurants. The pillars of the Madeleine were, reportedly, "covered".[1]

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