Rue Saint-Séverin, Paris

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Rue Saint-Séverin, Paris
Rue saint severin jms.jpg
View eastwards along the rue Saint-Séverin from the rue des Prêtres Saint-Séverin.
Length 170 m (560 ft)
Width 10 m (33 ft) between the rue Saint-Jacques, Paris and rue de la Harpe, Paris; 12 m the remaining
Arrondissement 5th
Quarter Sorbonne
From 12 rue Saint-Jacques and 18 rue du Petit Pont
To boulevard Saint-Michel
Completion Portion to the west of the rue de la Harpe opened in 1855.
Denomination 19 August 1864

The rue Saint-Séverin is a sometimes boisterous street running parallel to the river in the north of Paris' Latin Quarter. Lined with restaurants and souvenir shoppes, much of its commerce is dedicated to tourism.

Name Origin[edit]

One of Paris' oldest churches, the Église Saint-Séverin, lies midway along this street's length.


The rue Saint-Séverin is one of Paris' oldest streets, as it dates from its quarter's creation in the early 13th century. At first existing only between the rue de la Harpe and the rue Saint-Jacques, it was later extended westwards from the former street to join the Rue Saint-André-des-Arts (fr). The rue Saint-Séverin reclaimed the remnants of the ancient rue du Macon upon the construction of the boulevard Saint-Michel from 1867, but from 1971 this isolated westward portion was renamed the Rue Francisque-Gay (fr).

Former Names: Between the rue de la Harpe and the rue Saint-Jacques, this street was called the "rue Colin Pochet" in the 16th century.

Constructions of note[edit]

Odd Numbers.

  • 7, 9, 11 - Buildings dating from the 17th century.
  • 13 - Building still having its "name sign" that predated addresses - this one "Le Cygne de la Croix" (a play-on-words of "the sign of the Cross" and "The Swan on the Cross").
Rue saint-severin 13 croix jms.jpg

Even Numbers.

  • 4 - Engraving of streetname on building corner. "St" scratched away.
  • 6 - Alleyway existing (and already barricaded) in 1239.
Rue saint-severin 6 jms.jpg
Rue saint-severin 6 alley jms.jpg
  • 8 - Door and alleyway dating from the 16th century.
Rue saint-severin 8 hall jms.jpg
  • 20 - 17th-century "rotisserie" (grill).
  • 22 - 17th century hotel.
  • 24-26 - Street name engraved on building corners; the "St." on both was scratched away after the 1789 revolution.
  • 34 - Building dating from the 17th century. Remarkable doorway, arch engravings, courtyard and stairway (therein).
  • 36 - Building known as l'auberge de "l'Étoile" in 1660.

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Coordinates: 48°51′8.3″N 2°20′44″E / 48.852306°N 2.34556°E / 48.852306; 2.34556