Rue Victor Hugo (Brussels)

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Coordinates: 50°51′01″N 4°23′41″E / 50.850205°N 4.394799°E / 50.850205; 4.394799

Rue Victor Hugo

Rue Victor Hugo (French) or Victor Hugostraat (Dutch) is a street in the Schaerbeek municipality of Brussels. It is named after the French writer Victor Hugo (who spent his exile of 1851 to 1870 in Brussels). It runs from the chaussée de Louvain to avenue de Roodebeek, passing rue du Radium, avenue Léon Mahillon, avenue Émile Max, avenue Milcamps, avenue Eugène Plasky, avenue de l'Opale and avenue Adolphe Lacomblé.

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Notable addresses[edit]

  • n° 53-59 : immeuble du foyer Schaerbeekois (architect: Henri Jacobs)
  • n° 100 : collège Roi Baudouin
  • n° 147 : église Saint-Albert

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