Rue de la Ferronnerie

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Rue de la Ferronnerie
Paris rue de la ferronerie.jpg
Rue de la Ferronnerie is located in Paris
Rue de la Ferronnerie
Shown within Paris
Length 114 m (374 ft)
Width 16.6 m (54 ft)
Arrondissement 1st
Quarter Les Halles
Coordinates 48°51′37″N 2°20′52″E / 48.860238°N 2.347747°E / 48.860238; 2.347747Coordinates: 48°51′37″N 2°20′52″E / 48.860238°N 2.347747°E / 48.860238; 2.347747
Completion Before 1229
Denomination 1229

The Rue de la Ferronnerie is a street in the 1st arrondissement of Paris, in the Les Halles area.

Marking on the street showing where the assassination of Henry IV took place


  • Before 1229 the name of the street was rue de la Charronnerie (ou des Charrons). The street had its current name in 1229.
  • Henry IV of France was assassinated by Ravaillac on May 14, 1610[1] A marking on the street at no. 11 shows where the event took place.
  • One of the longest buildings in Paris is located on 2-4-6-8-10-12-14 rue de la Ferronnerie.[2] The building was constructed between 1669 and 1678.


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