Rue de la Liberté

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Rue de la Libérté
54 rue de la Liberté - maison aux trois visages.jpg
The Maison aux Trois Visages at the Coin du Miroir, built around 1470
Former name(s) Rue de Condé
Type Street
Length 500 m
Location Dijon, Côte-d'Or, France
Postal code 21000
Coordinates 47°19′23″N 5°02′38″E / 47.323134°N 5.043793°E / 47.323134; 5.043793

The Rue de la Liberté is the main street in the historic center of the French city Dijon. It connects the Place Darcy to the Place de la Libération. This busy shopping street for pedestrians is lined with buildings mostly dating from the 15th century to the 18th century, which are classified as monuments historiques.


The Rue de la Liberté was named Rue de Condé before the French Revolution. A part of the street, from the Coin du Miroir to the Place d'Armes (now Place de la Libération), was drilled in 1724. Previously, the street included the Rue des Forges and reached the back of the Palais des Ducs.[1] The name "Coin du Miroir" is linked to a hotel in the old Rue Saint-Jean at the corner of the streets Guillaume and Gondrans and which belonged to the Abbaye Notre-Dame du Miroir. This hotel, composed of a square tower which displays on its first floor large ogival openings in the wall, crenellated and surrounded by ditches,[2][3] was demolished in 1767.

The Coin du Miroir in the 1910s


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