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Ruffle logo
Ruffle logo
Ruffle Web Demo screenshot.png
Developer(s)Mike Welsh
Nathan Adams
Callum Thomson
Written inRust
LicenseMIT license, Apache License 2.0 Edit this on Wikidata

Ruffle is a Flash Player emulator for SWF files. It is currently under open source development on GitHub.[1]


Ruffle is available natively in Rust, as a desktop client and as a web client.

Currently, Ruffle supports older Flash content which uses ActionScript 1/2.0 with ActionScript 3.0 support upcoming.[2][3]


In 2016, Mike Welsh began a project called Fluster.[4] Later renamed Ruffle, this project would morph into a Flash Player emulator written in Rust, with a desktop and web client.[5]

Between 2019 and 2020, some websites announced they would be using Ruffle. Newgrounds announced that all flash content will use Ruffle and that all Flash embed code will be replaced with Ruffle equivalents.[6] In June 2020, Coolmath Games announced that all its Flash games will now use Ruffle.[7] In November 2020, Internet Archive announced they will be using Ruffle to preserve Flash games and animations.[8] In December 2020, Armor Games announced that Ruffle had been chosen as the player for Flash content, and Homestar Runner announced the implementation of Ruffle for their cartoons and games.[9]

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