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For the plural of ruffle, see Ruffle (disambiguation).
Reduced Fat Ruffles packaging, 2011
Ketchup flavored Ruffles

Ruffles is the name of a brand of ruffled (crinkle-cut) potato chips created by Atlanta-based H.W. Lay & Co. The Frito Company acquired the rights to Ruffles brand potato chips in 1958. It later merged with H.W. Lay & Co. in 1961. [1]

The product is named as an analogy to the ruffle, a strip of fabric sometimes gathered, creating folds. Its longtime official product slogan is "RRRuffles Have Ridges!" The ridged corrugations are designed to create a sturdier, crunchier potato chip less prone to breakage in the bag, as well as standing up to stiffer dips. From the one of the websites which is about food, the author who analyzes Ruffles states that “The schtick with these chips is that the deeper ridges provide more cavities for scooping up dip. And Ruffles came up two "complementary" dips that each "pair" with one of the chips” (Souza).


Ingredients vary per flavor. The regular ("original") product ingredient list (as well as the reduced fat variant) is: potatoes, vegetable oil (sunflower, corn, and/or canola oil), and salt.


Reduced Fat Ruffles

Ruffles are produced in a number of flavors in addition to the regular chips, some for regional markets: Salt & Vinegar (discontinued in 2008), Au Gratin, Sour Cream & Onion, Barbecue, Cheddar & Sour Cream, Cajun, Molten Buffalo Wing, Loaded Chili and Cheese, and Tapatio Limon. Yakisoba, Stroganoff and Honey & Mustard (Brazil), Paprika, Original and Cheddar and onion (United Kingdom). Ruffles are also available in low-fat baked (not fried), reduced salt, reduced fat (25% less fat than regular Ruffles), and fat free WOW brand/Olestra versions. In 2008, Frito-Lay produced a Ruffles Thick Cut version.

Canadian flavours include Regular, All-Dressed, Augratin, Lighly Salted (50% less salt), Sour Cream & Onion, Spicy Ketchup (Discontinued), Hotwing (Discontinued), Sour Cream & Bacon, Loaded Potato (2014)*, Jalapeno Popper (2014)*, BBQ*, Poutine

  • Marketed as BRO flavours in dark blue background packaging

Ruffles Onion dip, Ruffles Ranch dip, Ruffles Buffalo Ranch Dip (2014), Harvey's Flame Grilled Cheeseburger (2015)

  • In Indonesia, it is marketed under Chitato brand, flavours include Original, Supreme Cheese, Beef Barbeque, Grilled Beef, Spicy Chicken and Chicken Barbeque.

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