Rufus Dayglo

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Rufus Dayglo
Born United Kingdom
Nationality British
Area(s) Penciler, Inker

Rufus Dayglo is a British comics artist working for 2000 AD and Titan Books in the United Kingdom, and IDW Publishing and Image Comics in the United States. His Tank Girl work has also been published by Ankama Editions in France in 2011.


Dayglo started his career in the animation industry working on feature films, pop promos, storyboarding and commercials before moving into comic book art.

He has drawn Snaked, a mini series with writer Clifford Meth for IDW, Tank Girl: The Gifting (drawing issues 2-4), Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty and Low Life with Rob Williams for 2000 AD.

Dayglo has drawn 5 complete series of Tank Girl with co-creator Alan Martin, for Titan Books ('Bad Wind Rising' mini series), Image Comics (Image Tank Girl quarterly one shots), and IDW Comics ('The Royal Escape' mini series).[1] The Tank Girl series Dayglo has drawn are Tank Girl: Visions of Booga, Tank Girl: Skidmarks, Tank Girl: The Royal Escape, Tank Girl: We Hate Tank Girl, and Tank Girl: Bad Wind Rising.

Dayglo is now working on Solid Gold Death Mask, a creator owned project which will be launched free on the internet, and then collected as books.

Dayglo is also doing design work for Ashley Wood's 3A toys.




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