Rufus G. Russell

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Rufus G. Russell (1823-1896) was an architect working from New Haven, Connecticut

He designed the David Lyman II House in 1863, a house which has been regarded as "one of the finest examples of the Gothic Revival style in the greater Middletown area."[1]:5

Russell apprenticed under Henry Austin and became "one of the best-known architects in New Haven".[1]:7

He "designed numerous buildings in New Haven: the Calvary Baptist Church (1871) on Chapel Street, the New Haven Gas Company (1872) on Crown Street, and the Humphrey School (1877) on Humphrey Street. In 1866 he designed the residence of Nicholas Countryman, one of New Haven's leading builders."[1]:7

Places he designed which are individually listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places include:

Other works might be included in one or more NRHP-listed historic districts in New Haven.[2]