Rufus River massacre

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Rufus River Massacre
Date27 August 1841
LocationRufus River
34°03′S 141°15′E / 34.050°S 141.250°E / -34.050; 141.250Coordinates: 34°03′S 141°15′E / 34.050°S 141.250°E / -34.050; 141.250
Result British victory
British Empire British colonists Aboriginal Australians
Commanders and leaders
Matthew Moorhouse
Sub. Inspect. Shaw
32 Unknown
Casualties and losses
None 30 to 40

The Rufus River Massacre was a massacre of Aboriginals that took place in 1841 along the Rufus River near Wentworth, Australia.[1] It was the result of six months of guerrilla warfare by the local Aboriginal people, who blocked an overlander route through their land.[2][3] The cause of much of the trouble with the Aboriginal groups was the Europeans engaging in sexual relations with the women without giving the food and clothing promised first.[4] In partial response, the Aboriginal groups stole some European sheep.

The attack on the Aborigines was led by Matthew Moorhouse, Protector of Aborigines.[4] Thirty to 40 Aborigines were killed.[4]

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