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For the rugby league magazine of similar title, see Rugby League World.
Rugby World
RugbyWorld logo.png
Rugby World logo
Editor Owain Jones
Categories Sport, Rugby union
Circulation 33,922 (ABC Jul - Dec 2013)[1]
Print and digital editions.
Publisher IPC Media
First issue October 1960
Language English

Rugby World is a monthly rugby union magazine running since October 1960.[2] It is published monthly by IPC Media and edited by Owain Jones who took over from long standing editor Paul Morgan in January 2012. Paul Morgan was long considered a leader in the industry,[3] the magazine is the world's top-selling rugby magazine[citation needed] and has benefited from a worldwide rise in interest in rugby following the 2003 Rugby Union World Cup.[4]

The magazine was initially published on "the third Wednesday of every month" by Longacre Press Limited (also known as Odhams Press which, in 1961, merged with Fleetway Publications and again in 1963 Fleetway merged with a number of other publishers to form IPC Media,[5] though Odhams remained a distinct sub-company until 1968). The magazine was available through INI Sales and Distribution, 161-166 Fleet Street, London E.C.4. The original cost of the magazine was 2 Shillings[6] (equivalent to £2.06 today). By the end of 1962 it was retailing at 2 Shillings 6 pence[7] (written "2/6d", £2.57 today) and currently retails for £4.30 per issue, though various other deals are available by buying subscriptions and / or the electronic version of the magazine.

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