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Rugby socks are similar to the long socks that are worn in other sports such as football (soccer). They are intended to be worn pulled up just below the knee and cover the shins and calves and are designed to be hardwearing.


The foot part of the rugby sock is generally thick but breathable so as to fit snugly into the rugby boot and provide comfort during training and matches. They have padded heel-and-toe constructions with comfortable and absorbent cushioned soles. Rugby socks were traditionally made from cotton. Outer portions are made of tough nylon, with the uppers being made from soft elasticised acrylic or polyester.[1] Some may use more advanced materials to allow for more comfort and to reduce swelling of the feet or excessive sweating, keeping the feet warm but dry while playing.


Socks should be well fitting. This can help to prevent rubbing and any blisters that may arise from poor fitting socks.


As part of a kit, the rugby sock will often match the colours of the team and may have the team's logo stitched onto the fabric.


Canterbury of New Zealand is the most popular producer of rugby kit. Kooga are a very popular supplier, particularly to rugby league teams.

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