Rugby union in Algeria

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Rugby union in Algeria
Country Algeria
Governing body Fédération Algérienne de Rugby
National team Algeria
Clubs 6
National competitions

Rugby union in Algeria is a minor but growing sport.


Rugby union was introduced into Algeria by the French. Some Pied-Noirs (ethnic European Algerians) would go on to become significant rugby players, such as Maurice Boyau.

As with many minor rugby nations, rugby is centred on the capital, Algiers.

Like many North African countries, the historical connection with France is a mixed blessing. For a number of years, Algerian rugby players would leave to play there, which deprived Algerian rugby of any real competition.[1][2] There are at least sixty Algerians playing in English and French rugby.[2] Like many other Maghrebi nations, Algerian rugby tended to look to Europe for inspiration, rather than to the rest of Africa.

However, one exception might be Boumedienne Allam: Allam first played for France U-21 squad, winning the Six Nations Tournament of that category, in 2000. He was a member of the historical first game of Algeria national rugby union team, in 24 February 2007.

Algeria has three rugby clubs - Rugby Club d’Alger, Stade Oranais and Mouloudia M'sila - two short of that needed to produce a national rugby federation, and there are plans to set up a proper national club competition.[2][3] They are currently trying to promote the game in universities.[2]


National team[edit]

The national rugby union team played its first game at 24 February 2007 under its first coach Morad Kellal. Almost all players play at French clubs.

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