Rugby union in Cameroon

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Rugby union in Cameroon
Country Cameroon
Governing body Cameroonian Rugby Federation
National team(s) Cameroon
Registered players 3,213
Clubs 15
National competitions

Rugby union in Cameroon is a minor but growing sport. They are currently ranked 77th by the IRB.[1]

Governing body[edit]

The governing body for the game is the Cameroonian Rugby Federation (Fédération Camerounaise de Rugby).[1]


Cameroon is a former French colony, and the sport was introduced from France. Originally the game was mainly played by white expatriates. However, most of the participants these days are Africans.

Cameroon has a long-established union and players come from all walks of life. [2] However, due to bad economic conditions, and the migration of many players to France, such as Serge Betsen, it has been difficult to maintain a decent domestic game.[2]

In 2002, the Confederation of African Rugby held their conference in Cameroon.[3]

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