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Rugby union is a minor, but developing sport in Jordan.

Governing body[edit]

Jordanian rugby is administered by the Jordan Rugby Union,[1] which has been recognized by the Jordan Olympic Committee since 2007.


Rugby was first introduced into Jordan by the British. Since then, it has mainly been played by expatriates from the British Commonwealth and foreign workers.

Jordan maintains a close relationship with AGRFU, and their development team includes Ghaith Jalajel, a Jordanian.[2]

There are regional teams at Petra University and elsewhere.

The Dubai Sevens has also helped stir up some interest in the sport in Arabic-speaking nations. Rugby union is quite popular in neighbouring Israel, but the relations between the two nations means that there is little sporting contact between them. Jordanian rugby has its own sevens and rugby 15s leagues that consists of Citadel Warriors RFC, Citadel Knights RFC, Nomads RFC, Amman Saracens and Aqaba Sharks.

Lowest rugby match[edit]

Jordan is notable for having hosted a rugby match at the lowest altitude ever recorded - at over 400 metres below sea level on the eastern shore of the Dead Sea on 29 October 1982.[3] This was between a team representing Aqaba & Safi and another representing Amman.[3] The temperature at the time, was in the 90s (fahrenheit).[3]

National team[edit]

The Jordan national rugby union team is a second tier rugby playing international side. Jordan played their first test match against Lebanon on 14 May 2010, in Dubai. They competed in and won the Inaugural Asian 5 nations division 3 West competition in 2016.[4]

Rugby Clubs in Jordan[edit]

There are three clubs in Amman:

  • Amman Citadel Rugby Club
  • Nomads Rugby Club
  • Amman Saracens
  • Aqaba Sharks


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