Rugby union in Monaco

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Rugby union in Monaco
Country Monaco
Governing body FMR
National team(s) Monaco
First played 1996
Registered players 325
Clubs 2

Rugby union in Monaco is a minor, but growing sport. In October 2017, Monaco ranked 98st out of 103 national teams according to the World Rugby.[1]

The governing body of rugby union in Monaco is the Fédération Monégasque de Rugby (FMR).[2]


Rugby union has a long history in Monaco. The country is surrounded by the main rugby playing area of France on three sides, and coincidentally is not far from Menton, which is where William Webb Ellis, the supposed founder of the game is buried.

Despite this, Monegasque rugby has had serious problems. For example, they have been accused of having one of the worst teams in Europe.[3] They have had serious problems with a pitch, as AS Monaco will not allow them to use theirs, and the team doesn't have any native Monegasques on it. On the other hand, Albert II, Prince of Monaco is a great fan of the game.[4]

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