Rugby union in Mozambique

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Rugby union in Mozambique is a minor but growing sport.


As a former Portuguese colony, rugby has been a late arrival to Mozambique. Although rugby has been played in Portugal for decades, it has never become a major sport, and it did not transfer it to its colonies.

Beira used to play a series against Nyasaland sides during the 1930s called the Woury Cup.[1]

Rugby is centred on the national capital and main city, Maputo. Mozambique's poverty and lack of infrastructure make it difficult to maintain a proper national league structure.

However, the country borders South Africa, where rugby is a major sport, and also neighbours Madagascar and Zimbabwe where the game is popular, as well as Malawi, Tanzania, and Zambia, all of which have had a historical rugby presence.

Rugby also has extensive TV coverage on satellite networks in Mozambique.[2]

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