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Rugby union in Serbia
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Governing bodyRugby Union of Serbia
Registered players2,419
Club competitions
International competitions

Rugby union in Serbia is a minor but growing sport. The game was first played in Belgrade after the first World War and was revived again in the 1950s. Serbia currently has 17 rugby clubs and around 2,000 players.[1]

Governing body[edit]

The Rugby Union of Serbia (Рагби Савез Србије) is the national governing body for the sport.[2] It has been a member of World Rugby (formerly the IRB) since 1988.[3]


The history of rugby in Serbia began when it was part of Yugoslavia. Rugby union became a moderately popular sport in the country and although Croatia was the main centre for the sport in the former Yugoslavia there was also a lot of rugby played in Serbia.

Early years: 1918 to 1957[edit]

A Serbian rugby team in 1918.

The first known Serbian rugby players were students at George Heriot's School in Edinburgh, Scotland during the First World War. On 11 April 1918 they played the first unofficial international game against students from a British Dominions XV and won by eight points to three in front of 10,000 spectators. Notable players were Toma Tomic from Leskovac, Dimitrije Dulkanovic and Danilo Pavlovic.[4] The students returned to Serbia after the war and formed the "Jugoslavija" club in Belgrade and the "Beli orao" club in Sabac. By 1923, however, rugby activities had ceased due to a lack of available pitches.

Rugby was re-introduced to the country in the 1950s. A Belgrade team, RK Partizan, was formed in 1953 and a few months later the Radnicki club was formed. The first match between the two teams was played in April 1954 with Partizan winning 21–11.

Rugby in Yugoslavia: 1957 to 1992[edit]

The Rugby Championship of Yugoslavia ran from 1957 to 1992. Dinamo Pančevo won the first championship played in 1957, and later in '68, '69, '74 and '79. Dinamo Pančevo won the first Cup competition held that same year, in 1979. RK Partizan, won the second, third, and fourth titles in 1958 to '60 as well as the final two in '91 and '92 before the breakup of Yugoslavia.

The Yugoslavia national rugby union team played its first international in July 1968 against a Romanian XV, losing 3 points to 11. Through the 70s and 80s, Serbian players represented Yugoslavia together with players from Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia. This came to an end in 1991 with the Yugoslav Wars which resulted in a gap of five years with no international rugby.

Post-breakup: 1992 onward[edit]

The Serbian clubs played in the Serbia and Montenegro Championship from the 1992–93 season through until 2005–06. The competition became the Rugby Championship of Serbia from 2006–07 onwards.

When the Yugoslav team reformed in 1996, it consisted of players from Serbia only and they played their first international against Andorra at Vršac in May of that year. From 2003 to mid 2006, they played as Serbia and Montenegro. After the two countries split in 2006, Serbia and Montenegro had their own national teams.

Serbian national teams[edit]

The first official international match played by the Serbia national rugby union team was in October 2006. The Serbia women's national rugby union team played their first international in 2007, but now mainly focus on rugby sevens. The men's and women's national teams (15s and 7s) compete mainly in European competitions.

As of February 2015, the Serbian national team was placed 84th in the World Rugby rankings.[5]

Domestic structure[edit]

The teams in the Rugby Championship of Serbia as of 2016 are:

Division A:  
Division B:  
Development clubs:  

Teams that previously participated in the Serbian Championship include:[b] RK Dinamo Pancevo, RK Dorćol, RK Iron Fortress (from Smederevo), Royal Belgrade and in Division B: RK Red Star and Balkan Mosquito.[6] Other rugby clubs in Serbia include the junior team Singidunum RK, and the Belgrade Women's rugby club (Ženski ragbi klub Beograd).[7] BRK Red Star also runs a sports program for people with disabilities.[7][8]

a RK Pobednik was renamed RK Rad (Labor RC) in December 2014.[9] The club fields teams in both divisions of the national championship.
b This list might be incomplete.

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