Rugged Mountain

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Rugged Mountain
Rugged Mountain.png
NW aspect in February
Highest point
Elevation 1,861 m (6,106 ft) [1]
Prominence 1,571 m (5,154 ft) [1]
Coordinates 50°01′56.4″N 126°41′41.2″W / 50.032333°N 126.694778°W / 50.032333; -126.694778Coordinates: 50°01′56.4″N 126°41′41.2″W / 50.032333°N 126.694778°W / 50.032333; -126.694778
Rugged Mountain is located in British Columbia
Rugged Mountain
Rugged Mountain
Location in British Columbia
Location Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada
Parent range Haihte Range
Topo map NTS 92L/2
First ascent 1956 George Lepore[1]

Rugged Mountain is the apex of the Haihte Range on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. From it, several glaciers, Nootka Sound, Woss Lake and the Tlupana Range are in view.


The first attempt at an ascent of Rugged Mountain occurs when Captain Hamilton Moffat, officer in charge of the Hudson's Bay Company post at Fort Rupert, near present day Port Hardy, began a first exploration inland. On July 5, 1852 he gave up his attempt. He named the mountain Ben Lomand. This was the first recorded attempt to climb any of the major peaks of the Vancouver Island Ranges.[2]

The first successful ascent of Rugged Mountain Mountain was completed in 1959 by George Lepore and Chuck Smitson. [3]


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