Ruhollah Khatami

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(Not to be confused with Ruhollah Khomeini who was the leader of the 1979 Iranian revolution)
Ruhollah Khatami (father) and Mohmmad Khatami (son) in chidlhood.

Ruhollah Khatami (28 October 1906 – 27 October 1988) was a senior Iranian cleric in the city of Yazd.[1]

In July 1982, he was appointed as prayer leader in the central Iranian city of Yazd by Ruhollah Khomeini. He is the father of a number of notable Iranian politicians, including former president Mohammad Khatami, Islamic Iran Participation Front founder Mohammad-Reza Khatami, former presidential chief of staff Ali Khatami and Fatemeh Khatami, who was elected to Ardakan's city council in 1999.


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