Rui Tavares

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Rui Tavares

Rui Tavares (born 29 July 1972 in Lisbon) is a Portuguese politician and Member of the European Parliament. He was elected in 2009 for the Left Bloc. In June 2011, Tavares became an independent within The Greens–European Free Alliance group.[1] In 2013 he founded the new party LIVRE.

Tavares Report[edit]

In June 2013, he was commissioned by the European Parliament to submit a report on Hungarian constitutional concerns. The report urged the Hungarian authorities "to implement as swiftly as possible all the measures the European Commission as the guardian of the treaties deems necessary in order to fully comply with EU law… [and with] the decisions of the Hungarian Constitutional Court and... the recommendations of the Venice Commission, the Council of Europe and other international bodies…".[2]