Ruicheng County

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The Chunyang Hall of the Yongle Palace in Ruicheng, Shanxi

Ruicheng County (simplified Chinese: 芮城县; traditional Chinese: 芮城縣; pinyin: Ruìchéng Xiàn) is located in the Yuncheng prefecture of Shanxi province in China. The population as of the 2010 census is around 390,000.

Ruicheng is home to the Yongle Palace (永乐宫; Palace of Eternal Joy), a Taoist temple complex noted for the wall paintings inside its three main halls. It was moved to Ruicheng in 1959 to preserve it when the Sanmenxia Dam was built, which was expected to put the town of Yongle, the previous location of the temple, under water. The temple is 4 km north of the town on the main road.

The Yellow River lies just south of Ruicheng. A pumping station on the river doubles as a monument to Yu the Great, the legendary figure credited with controlling the course of the Yellow River and saving many lives in the process.


Apples are to be found in abundance in Ruicheng, being the most popular variety of fruit grown by local farmers.

Coordinates: 34°41′31″N 110°41′36″E / 34.69194°N 110.69333°E / 34.69194; 110.69333