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Rukun 13 or Rukun Tiga Belas (The Thirteen Pillars) is a defunct Sarawakian organisation that existed from 1947 until 1950.


This organisation was officially formed at the end of 1947 in opposition to the Cession to the United Kingdom in Sarawak. At first, the organisation had planned to kill the British Governor Sir Charles Noble Arden-Clarke but the plan never came to fruition. After Sir Arden-Clarke was transferred to the Gold Coast colony he was succeeded by Sir Duncan George Stewart.

Penalty and disestablishment[edit]

After Duncan Stewart was fatally wounded by Rosli Dhobi and later died in Singapore General Hospital, the British arrested all Rukun 13 members by March 1950. The 2 main members of Rukun 13, Rosli Dhobi and Awang Rambli were sentenced to death together with 2 other people, Bujang Suntong and Morshidi Sidek who were not Rukun 13 members. The rest of the Rukun 13 members were jailed.

List of Rukun 13 members[edit]


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