Rukwanzi Island

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Rukwanzi Island
Disputed island
Location Southwest Lake Albert in Central Africa
Coordinates 1°12′37″S 30°29′29″E / 1.21028°S 30.49139°E / -1.21028; 30.49139 [2]
Total islands 1
Administered by
Democratic Republic of the Congo
Claimed by
Democratic Republic of the Congo
Population about 1000 (as of 2007)

Rukwanzi Island is a disputed island in the southern portion of Lake Albert in Central Africa. It is home to approximately 1000 fishermen.[3]

Ownership dispute[edit]

Rukwanzi is the subject of an ownership dispute between the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Uganda, which are situated on opposite sides of the lake.[3] In late July 2007, Congo apprehended four Ugandan soldiers it said had crossed the dividing line in the lake, and on August 3, 2007, the countries' militaries engaged in a skirmish near the island, with one Briton and one Congolese killed.[3] On August 12, 2007, Congo occupied the area.[4]

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