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RuleBurst Limited is a Canberra, Australia-based independent software vendor that develops and distributes the RuleBurst 8 and Oasis suites of software products. RuleBurst 8 is a Business Rule Management System, or business rules engine. Using a combination of RuleBurst 8 and appropriate domain expertise RuleBurst has amassed considerable expertise in helping organisations rapidly capture their business rules from voluminous and complex information sources. RuleBurst has a speciality in being able to derive business rules directly from legislative sources. Some of the solutions RuleBurst can deliver include compliance with government policy and regulatory regimes; simplifying the provision of complex government information to citizens; banking, finance and insurance industry compliance and process solutions; and entitlement and benefit assessment for government and the private sector

The Oasis suite of software solutions addresses Governance, Compliance and Risk Management issues. Oasis enables identification, analysis and management of operational risk on an integrated, organisation-wide basis. It reduces the time and costs associated with ongoing compliance by combining document management, business process management and customisable reporting capabilities, enabling organisations to document controls and automate end-to-end compliance processes.

RuleBurst acquired Haley Systems in November 2007 and rebranded to Haley in early 2008. See the press release and Gartner's view for details.

On October 29, 2008, Oracle Corporation announced it had entered into an agreement to acquire RuleBurst Limited. [1]