List of rulers and officers of Galway 1230–1485

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This is a list of the rulers and officers of Galway, Ireland from 1230 to 1485.


Year Name Office
1270 Thomas de Lynch Provost
1272–75 Stephen Annery Collector of the Murage
1272–75 Adam Albus Collector of the Murage
1278–80 Robert Bayon Collector of the Murage
1280 William O'Ciorovane Sovereign.
1306 Cruchus Delaps Farmer of the New Customs
1306 Simon Long Collector of the Customs
1306 Thomas Sage Collector of the Customs
1306–07 Thomas Dolfyn Collector of the Customs
1310 Andrew Gerard of Florence Keeper of the Customs
1312 Nicholas Mor Lynch, the Black Marshall Marshal
1353 Stepehn Penrise Provost
1353+ Stepehn Penrise Bailiff & Collector of the New Customs
1375 Bishop Stephen de Valle Collector of the Customs of the Port
1376–77 Nicholas Calf Deputy Collector of the Customs of the Port
1378 Richard Scared Provost
?–1385 Thomas Alwyne Seneschal and Receiver
1434 Edmund Lynch Sovereign
1443 Edmund Lynch Sovereign
1443 Robert Lynch Provost
1443–44 Henry Lynch,
ditto. Robert Lynch,
ditto. Thomas O'Tyernay
1445 Thomas O'Tyernay Bailiff
1448 William Allen, alias Den Provost
1460 William Dubh Lynch fitz James
1461 William Develin Sovereign
1462 William Oge Allen, alias Den Sovereign
1476 Thomas Lynch
1483–84 William Lynch Sovereign
1484–85 William Lynch Sovereign
1484–85 John Lynch fitz Edmond Provost

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