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The combination of heredity succession to the election. The king is elected by heads of clans, among the son or brothers of King deceased mother's side. This procedure ensures that all clans have a chance to power.

List of Agamwinboni (Rulers) of Orungu Dynasty (Gabon)[edit]

Tenure Incumbent Notes
ca. 1700 Reto Ndongo born ca. 1670. Head of the clan Abulia. Founder of the kingdom.
ca. 1730 to ???? Ndébulia Mburu, Agamwinboni born around 1700, clan Awuru (galwa)
ca. ???? to 1750 Rénjangué Ndongo, Agamwinboni born around 1700, clan Agalikéwa
ca. 1750 to ???? Rénkondjé, Agamwinboni born around 1730, clan Abulia
ca. 1750 to 1790 Ngwèrangu'Iwono, Agamwinboni born around 1730, clan Avangué
1790 Ndombe, Agamwinboni To reign in 1790 against the will of his father. Ayandji clan. Is deposited and removed by Spaniards.
1790 to 1810 Rénwombi Mpolo, Agamwinboni clan Avandji. Enthroned with Spanish aid. Capitals: Mandja Island and Apomandé. Grand King of Orungu, then at the height of its power.
1810 to 1840 Ogul’Issogwe Rogombe Mpolo or Passol, Agamwinboni
clan Aziza. He led many wars with its neighbors (including Nkomi), hence the expression "wars of Rogombé".
1840 to 1862 Ombango Rogombe Ikinda or King Pascal, Agamwinboni
Brought up in Spain. clan Abulia. Capital: Osèngatanga. Has always been opposed to signing with the French.
1862 to 1865 Ndebulia, Agamwinboni Clan Alola (Nkomi), Capital: Izambé. Orungu sells the country to France (Treaty of Cap Lopez and Nazaré)
1865 to 1882 Ntchènguè or Ranyonyuna (litt. the rectifier), Agamwinboni clan Aguéndjé
1882 until unknown Avonowanga, Agamwinboni Abulia clan, mother Benga.
until 1927 Rogombé-Nwèntchandi, Agamwinboni clan Aguéndjé, died in 1932. Only "moral" authority.
1927 Orungu kingdom abolished by the French colonial government.

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