List of rulers of Kwêna

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List of Rulers of baKwêna[edit]

Territory located in present-day Botswana.

Kgôsikgolo = Paramount Chief

(Dates in italics indicate de facto continuation of office)

Tenure Incumbent Notes
1770 to 1785 Motswasele I a Lekgwajane, Kgôsikgolo  
1785 to 1795 Seitlhamo a Motswasele, Kgôsikgolo  
1795 to 1803 Legwale a Seitlhamo, Kgôsikgolo  
1803 to 1805 Maleke a Seitlhamo, acting Kgôsikgolo  
1805 to 1807 Tshosa a Seitlhamo, acting Kgôsikgolo  
1807 to 1822 Motswasele II a Legwale, Kgôsikgolo  
1822 to 1827 Morwakgomo a Tshosa, Kgôsikgolo  
Division into three segments (1827–1853)
1827 to 1834 Kgama a Legwale, Kgôsikgolo  
1827 to 1845 Bobi a Tshosa, Kgôsikgolo  
1845 to 1853 Kgakge a Tshosa, Kgôsikgolo  
1827 to 1829 Segokotlo a Legwale, acting Kgôsikgolo  
1829 to 1831 Molesê a Legwale, acting Kgôsikgolo  
1831 to 1853 Setshele I a Motswasele Rra Mokonopi, Kgôsikgolo Becoming Paramount Chief of re-united baKwêna
1853 to 25 September 1892 Setshele I a Motswaselev Rra Mokonopi, Kgôsikgolo  
1892 to 23 January 1911 Sebele I a Setshele, Kgôsikgolo  
1911 to 1918 Setshele II Kealeboga a Sebele, Kgôsikgolo  
1918 to 1931 Sebele II Kelebantse a Setshele, Kgôsikgolo  
1931 to 195? Kgari I a Setshele, acting Kgôsikgolo  
195? to 1962 Kgari I a Setshele, Kgôsikgolo  
1963 to 21 September 1970 Neale a Baruti, Kgôsikgolo
(Neale Sechele)
October 1970 to 1978 Bonewamang a Padi, Kgôsikgolo
(Bonewamang Padi Sechele)
1979 to 19?? Setshele III, Kgôsikgolo
(Mack Sechele)
19?? to March 1996 Moithali a Setshele, Kgôsikgolo
(Mothali Sechele)
1996 to January 2002 Kgosikwêna a Sebele, acting Kgôsikgolo
(Kgosikwena Sechele)
17 August 2002 to present Kgari Bonewamang Sechele III, Kgôsikgolo
(Kgari Sechele)


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