List of rulers of the Fon state of Alada

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Rulers of the Fon state of Alada[edit]

Territory located in present-day Benin.

Also known as Ardrah (Ardra), Ardrah Empire, Adja-Tado. Known to the French as Allada or Ardres.

(Dates in italics indicate de facto continuation of office)

Ajahutonon (Alada hosu) = King

Tenure Incumbent Notes
Agasuvi Dynasty (Alada-tadonu Dynasty)
c.1550 Foundation of the Alada kingdom by emigrants from Tado
c.1440 Aholuho Adja, Ajahutonon
c.1445 De Nufion, Ajahutonon
c.1458 to ???? Dassu, Ajahutonon
c.1470 Dassa, Ajahutonon
c.1475 Adjakpa, Ajahutonon
c.1490 Yessu, Ajahutonon
c.1495 Azoton, Ajahutonon
c.1498 Yessu, Ajahutonon
c.1510 Akonde, Ajahutonon
c.1520 Amamu, Ajahutonon
c.1530 Agagnon, Ajahutonon
c.1540 Agbangba, Ajahutonon
c.1550 Hueze, Ajahutonon
c.1560 Agbande, Ajahutonon
c.1580 Kin-Ha, Ajahutonon
c.1585 Mindji, Ajahutonon
c.1587 to c.1590 Akoli, Ajahutonon
c.1590 to 1610 Kopon, Ajahutonon First historical king
1610 to ???? Hunungungu, Ajahutonon
???? to c.1660 Lamadje Pokonu, Ajahutonon
c.1660 to ???? Tezifon, Ajahutonon
???? to ???? gBagwe, Ajahutonon
???? to March 1724 De Adjara, Ajahutonon
March 1724 Conquest by Danhome
March 1724 to 1742 Direct rule by Abomey Kingdom
1734 Institution of royalty subordinated to Danhome
1742 to ???? Mijo, Ajahutonon
1792? to 1842? Ganhwa, Ajahutonon (See below)
???? to 1845 ..., Ajahutonon
1845 to ???? Deka, Ajahutonon
???? to ???? Ganhwa, Ajahutonon (See above)
1842 to 1879/1885 Ganji Sindje Ajahutonon-Kpevi, Ajahutonon
1879 to 4 February 1894 Gi-gla No-Don Gbé-non Mau, Ajahutonon  
1894 Re-establishment of the Kingdom by France
4 February 1894 to c.1898 Gi-gla Gunhu-Hugnon, Ajahutonon  
c.1898 to 1909 Djihento, Ajahutonon  
1909 French annexation
1909 to 15 December 1923 Djihento, Chef supérieur  
1923 to 1954 Kanfon, Chef supérieur
1954 to 19?? Gi-gla II, Chef supérieur
2 December 1992 to present Kpodégbé Djigla, King


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