Rum Aladdin

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Rum Aladdin
Industry Manufacturing and assembly
Founded 2002
Headquarters Amman, Jordan
Products Appliances, tools, dies

Rum Aladdin was created in 2002 as a merger of Rum Metal Manufacturing Company and Rum-Aladdin Industries. Rum Aladdin is based in Jordan and is headquartered in Amman.

The company's stock is represented on the Amman Stock Exchange's ASE Weighted Index.


The company is composed of two merged manufacturing companies:

Rum Metal[edit]

Rum Metal was established in 1972. It is a manufacturing company, producing tools and dies, performing sheet metal work, paint work and assembly work.

Rum Aladdin Industries[edit]

Rum Aladdin Industries was established in 1981. It is involved with assembling gas heaters, TVss and electric heaters, ], water heaters, ladders, LCD.

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