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The Rum Diary is a California-based indie rock band. Its members include Daniel McKenzie, Jon Fee, Joe Ryckebosh, and Schuyler Feekes.


The band formed in Cotati, California in 2000. Since then the group has released one EP (A Key To Slow Time), three 7-inch singles and three full-length albums. All members of the band play multiple instruments, however, vocals and guitars are primarily performed by Jon Fee and Daniel Mckenzie.

Since 2007, the band was put on hiatus while Fee and McKenzie started a new project, Shuteye Unison, a group that has since disbanded. McKenzie now focuses on his electronic project, Identical Homes. Fee now focuses on his solo project, The Things of Youth and helps run indie-eco label Parks and Records.

The band's name comes from the novel of the same name by Hunter S. Thompson. Their music is heavily influenced by noise rock.


  • Noise Prints CD(Substandard Records, 2002)
  • A Key To Slow TimeCD (Springman Records, 2002)
  • Mileage 2 Song 7" Record on Colored Vinyl (Springman Records, 2002)
  • Poisons That Save Lives CD(Substandard Records, 2003)
  • Poisons That Save Lives 12" Record on Gold Vinyl(Substandard Records, 2003)
  • Desert City Soundtrack and The Rum Diary 2 song split 7" Record (Springman Records, 2003)
  • Split with Kilowatthours CD(Springman Records, 2005)
  • Back in the Hardcore Days 2 Song 7" Record (Devil in the Woods, 2006)
  • We're Afraid of Heights Tonight 12" Record(Devil in the Woods, 2006)
  • We're Afraid of Heights Tonight CD(Devil in the Woods, 2006)
  • North v. South 4 way split 7" Record(Springman, 2007)

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