Rumaila Operating Organization

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Rumaila Operating Organization (ROO)
Industry Petroleum
Founded 2010
Founder BP,
South Oil Company
Headquarters Rumaila oil field

Rumaila Operating Organization (ROO) is an international petroleum company based in Iraq.


Rumaila Operating Organization was founded by BP, CNPC and South Oil Company (SOC) to manage the 20-year rehabilitation and expansion of Rumaila oil field in southern Iraq.[1] The company planned to hire mainly local employees to oversee the operations, with a smaller number of technical experts and managers from BP and CNPC.[2] The operations of the company were scheduled to begin in July 2010.[3]

BP (38% ownership, headquartered in UK) and CNPC (37%, China) had earlier signed a contract with SOC (25%, Iraq) in 2009 to develop and increase production at Rumaila field, Iraq's largest.[4]


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