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Duck rumaki.jpg
Duck rumaki
Course Hors d'oeuvre
Creator unknown
Main ingredients Water chestnuts, liver (duck or chicken), bacon, soy sauce, ginger or brown sugar
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Rumaki or rumake is an hors d'oeuvre of mock-Polynesian origin. It was popularly served at Trader Vic's and other Polynesian restaurants in the 1950s and 1960s.[1][2] Its ingredients and method of preparation vary, but usually it consists of water chestnuts and pieces of duck or chicken liver wrapped in bacon and marinated in soy sauce and either ginger or brown sugar.[3] Pastrami is often substituted for bacon when rumaki is prepared for kosher diners who avoid eating bacon.[citation needed]

The earliest known reference to it is on the 1941 menu of the Don the Beachcomber restaurant (Palm Springs).[4]

In culture[edit]


In Revenge of the Nerds (1984), Lamar Latrelle suggests attendees "can pass the rumaki and the cheese puffs" as appetizers at a Tri-Lamb probationary membership party. This leads to Takashi Toshiro suggesting they also include "robster craws", and ultimately to Dudley "Booger" Dawson's famous line, "What the fuck are robster craws?".[5]


In a Simpson's episode, no one touches Moes rumaki.

In the series Cheers (S04E02 "Woody Goes Belly Up"), Frasier mentions rumaki served at a party held by Sam.

In the series Two And A Half Men (S02E07 "A Kosher Slaughterhouse Out in Fontana"), rumaki was served in Evelyn's party.

In the pilot episode of Family Ties, Mr. Keaton is handed rumaki by a server at a country club and asks if he could get one without liver.

On Mad Men, Betty serves rumaki for a dinner party she hosts for Don at their home in Ossining, in "A Night to Remember" (season 2), and later for a political gathering she hosts for Henry at their home in Rye, in "The Runaways" (season 7).[citation needed]

The Golden Girls episode "Son-in- Dearest" (1987), has Blanche serving rumaki as a snack for an all night I Love Lucy marathon.[citation needed]

In the first episode of The Odd Couple television series (S01E01, "The Laundry Orgy"), Felix asks whether Oscar, Murray, Speed, Vinnie, and Roy would like "coconut flakes on their rumaki".

In the television series The Simpsons (S10E11, "Wild Barts Cant be Broken"), bartender Moe asks that nobody in his packed bar touches his Rumaki, only for Homer to exclaim, "Woo! Rumaki!" then throw it on the floor.

In the television series Weeds (S03E06, "Grasshopper") Andy asks Shane to try his Rumaki appetizers - one of several types he considers making for a party the town of Majestic is throwing for the Agrestic City Council members.

In 3rd Rock from the Sun (S04E04), Judith mentions how she enjoyed the rumaki at Dick's fashion show fundraiser.

In the television series "Murder She Wrote" (S06E15 1990 "Fixer Upper") Winifred is throwing a party and some rumaki goes by on a tray and Winifred says, "Oh, just...just one moment please. These rumaki are supposed to be cooked. Its raw bacon here." After that, Seth says "Ferrari?" [related to another comment] and Jessica says "Rumaki."

In the television series "The Bob Newhart Show" (S02E07 "Old Man Rivers") Emily says, "You know Bob hates liver, bacon and water chestnuts but when I call it rumaki he thinks it's delicious."


In Mart Crowley's play, The Men From The Boys (2002), Emory is serving canapes and says to the group: "Cheese puffs? Meatballs? Rumaki? If that dates me, how about: cellulars, nicotine patches, sex toys?"

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