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A cattle camp in Rumbek
A cattle camp in Rumbek
Rumbek is located in South Sudan
Location in South Sudan
Coordinates: 6°48′21″N 29°40′34″E / 6.805762°N 29.676132°E / 6.805762; 29.676132Coordinates: 6°48′21″N 29°40′34″E / 6.805762°N 29.676132°E / 6.805762; 29.676132
Country  South Sudan
State Lakes State
County Rumbek Central County
Elevation 406 m (1,332 ft)
Population (2011)
 • Total 32,100 Estimate
Road alongside Rumbek Airstrip
Sudan Rumbek aircraft beside airstrip 2004.jpg

Rumbek (Arabic: رمبك‎) is the capital of Lakes State, central South Sudan, and the former capital of the country.


Rumbek is approximately 377 kilometres (234 mi) by road northwest of Juba, the capital and largest city in the country.[1] Its coordinates are 6°49′N 29°41′E / 6.81°N 29.68°E / 6.81; 29.68 and its elevation is 420 metres (1,380 ft) above sea level.[2]


Rumbek is the headquarters of Rumbek Central County and is the capital of Lakes State, one of the ten (10) states of South Sudan. Following the peace agreement ending the Second Sudanese Civil War, the Sudanese People's Liberation Movement chose Rumbek to serve as the temporary administrative center of the Government of Southern Sudan.[3] Later, Juba was selected to become the permanent capital. Like most South Sudanese towns, Rumbek suffered significant infrastructural damage during the civil war, in which an estimated 2 million people perished.


In 2004, the United Nations (OCHA) estimated the population of "Rumbek County" at about 82,500. At that time, the Dinka Agar constituted about 60% of the population, 30% were Dinka Gok, 6% were Bongo and 4% were Jur-Bel.[4] In 2011, the population of the town of Rumbek is estimated at about 32,100.[5]


The town of Rumbek is situated on the main road (A43) from Juba to the southeast to Wau to the northwest. There are two smaller roads out of town; one to Yirol to the east and another to Durbuoni to the north. Since 2005, some of the roads have undergone repairs. Rumbek is also served by Rumbek Airport. The main construction contractor in Rumbek, working on both the roads and the airport is Civicon Limited.

Points of interest[edit]

The following points of interest are found in or near Rumbek:

Notable people[edit]

  • Samuel Aru Bol, politician (1929-2000)
  • Gordon Muortat Mayen, politician (1922-2008)
  • Manyang Mayom. Human Right Journalist. In August 2010 Mayom was awarded the Hellman/Hammett grant from Human Rights Watch award; HRW Banned, Censored, Harassed, and Jailed -Hellman/Hammett Grants Honor 42 Writers for Courage Facing Political Persecution.On 6 May 2013 Mayom was given an awarded by the South Sudan Red Cross for his coverage of the humanitarian situation in Jonglei state. Mayom was the first journalist to write direct to South Sudanese president Salva Kiir over youth being mistreated in military cell across South Sudan.

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